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DIY Wall Painting is Trending in India

DIY Wall Painting

DIY Wall Painting is Trending in India

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) culture has been around for a century now. But, when we speak about home painting, DIY wall painting is the least we hear. Most homeowners prefer going to a professional painting service provider than taking the project on themselves. 

However, recently there has been a humongous change in the mindset of Indian homeowners. While you’ll find DIY wall painting culture quite prominent in foreign, India never explored its possibility pertaining to simple wall painting art

If you ask me, most of the owners that I come in contact with find it quite time-consuming. Naturally, ‘Do-it-yourself’ isn’t a joke when it comes to painting your 7ft wall without a prior experience. 

How Did DIY Wall Art Painting Popularize in India?

Well, Do-It-Yourself is already a popular culture amidst the youth of India. And self home painting is yet another trend that the Indian population started exploring as a hobby. 

It became a stress-relieving and creative hobby that every homeowner wanted to explore, in around 2016 or 2017. Many India-based movies commenced portraying easy painting on walls or simple wall painting art as a way to build strong family bonds. This also was a boost to the Indian population to take up wall painting as a hobby and not only an option to save a hole in their pocket. 

People commenced creatively painting ugly-looking stains on the walls to decorate patches on their walls. Do-It-Yourself home painting or simple wall painting art will become extremely popular during the lockdown of 2020. The country-wide lockdown and restrictions forced Indians to accept and learn new things gradually.

I, as an owner of an e-commerce paint company, learned to cut my 3-year olds hair and cook food. I am sure you, as a professional, also learnt something out-of-the-box during the lockdown. 

Looking at the new wave of DIY wall art painting, a few paint companies brought DIY kits for new learners. For example, Asian Paints DIY kits ensure customers get to learn the DIY wall art painting. 

These kits encompass painting tools, accessories, rollers, brushes, painting tray, masking tape, sponge block, DOU booklet, and a self-painting manual. So, a new learner can begin painting small patches, explore the nitty-gritty of the task, and be ready to paint a whole wall without much difficulty. DIY painting itself is not a difficult task but it requires precision and the knowledge of painting tools and techniques. 

Do It Yourself Kit On PaintKart

DIY Kit On PaintKart

Understanding the pain points of a homeowner pertaining to hiding the cracks and ugly spots on the walls, PaintKart partnered with India’s one of the largest manufacturers of paints, Inks, Textiles, Leather, Ceramic and construction — Anuvi Chemicals Limited — one of the pioneers in the industry. Anuvi Chemicals have been serving their clients like Asian Paints, Kansai Nerolac, Lewis Berger, BARC and many more for the past 35 years. 

Homebox Mini is their new venture into the B2C sector investing in a trend that is making the young India go head over heels crazy. Homebox Mini is the first-of-its-kind DIY wall paint product in India with a comprehensive range including waterproofing solution, rust removal, white cement, varnish, and paint to touch up ugly patches. 

The DIY wall paint range like Asian Paints DIY range is a must-have for every home to repair the smallest of cracks, patches and discoloration without depending on professional painters and burning a hole in one’s wallet.

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