Inspiring Ideas To Choose The Best Exterior House Paint Color

Inspiring Ideas To Choose The Best Exterior House Paint Color

Inspiring Ideas to choose the best exterior house paint color

Inspiring Ideas To Choose The Best Exterior House Paint Color

The exterior design gives the viewer a first impression. Choosing the right color for the exterior wall is quite a challenging job. But as people say ‘First impression is the Last impression’ and exterior paint is the first thing that anyone can notice about your house. So it is most important to choose the ideal color paint for the exterior wall. 

A lot of elements must be taken into consideration while choosing exterior paint for the Indian environment. You can reach out to any online paint store for help. 

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Here are a few inspiring ideas to choose the exterior paint.

  1. Combination

Avoid using a single color on the exterior of a wall when painting it; this will give the wall a monotonous appearance that may not be all that appealing. Always attempt to select a blend of the same tones if you want to stick with a single color. 

A maximum of two colors should be combined to avoid a clustered appearance on the wall.

  1. Durability 

Another aspect you should think about when choosing outdoor wall paint is paint durability. Always strive to choose a paint that is both highly durable and simple to clean, as some paints that are both very durable and difficult to clean are not beneficial to the wall paint, such as high gloss paint.

  1. Selection Of Color 

The choice of color is the key issue with exterior paint. 

Always use the color wheel rule when selecting color combinations. As the color wheel rule said one color should be brighter or richer than the others. Monochromatic color refers to a shade of that color, while analogous color refers to that color adjacent to another, and complimentary color refers to that opposite color. The finest exterior color suggestion is to stay away from dark and black colors because they attract dust and you need to repaint your house. Try to stick with light shade combinations and delicate colors.

  1. Effect Of Nature 

The surrounding environment has a significant impact on the external wall paint.

Whatever color or shade you decide on for your home’s exterior walls, they must mix in with the natural environment. 

As Indian weather changes from season to season and different reasons have different climates you need to select the color according to it. Cool colors always complement steep hilly area houses while bright white, cream, and a shade of soft color look good on seaside houses. 

  1. Create A Theme 

If you want to draw attention to your home, the exterior wall is an important component.

Having a clear idea about the color and shades or theme will always help you to select a unique theme for your house which give an equal theme to the entire house rather than one room unique. 

  1. Paint The Exterior Wall In A Suitable Season 

Season affects the durability of exterior paint due to continuous exposure of exterior paint to the environment. Exterior paints have a longer life span if you paint in a particular season. A minimum temperature is necessary for quality exterior paint, color, and shading to last longer. If you paint your house in the rainy or in winter reason the color won’t dry properly or may be washed out by the rain. The greatest time of year to paint external walls is during the summer. As it gets the required temperature to dry the paint properly. 

  1. Identify The Architecture Of Your House 

When picking a home’s exterior paint, house architecture can be important. Take into account the house architecture when selecting the ideal exterior colour for your home. Pick a colour scheme or theme that complements the architectural style and era of the home. Certain colours go well with certain House styles.

Example – a house with historical significance should only have a specific colour scheme. Cottage homes work with a variety of colour schemes.

  1. Test Before Apply 

If you wish to avoid being duped! Try before use.

Take a tiny amount of paint and apply it to one large wall before applying the outside colour you’ve chosen to the house. This will allow you to see how the colour changes as the day progresses and in various lighting conditions. Go with it if it appears flawless in all lighting conditions.

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