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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your order delivery time can be changed if you inform us prior to the shipping. You can send us a request mail at deepesh.nair@paintkart.com or call our customer care executive on +919022573668 
As of now PaintKart online shop does not offer the return policy, however, if you have received a wrong order, or there is a colour variation from what you ordered, you can send us a mail on deepesh.nair@paintkart.com with the image of the product received and your order id. We will come back to you as early as possible. 
PaintKart offers an online paint calculator to help you find an estimate of the paint required for your home painting project.    Step 1: Fill in the basic information about your house. 
  • Mention whether you need paint for interior use or exterior 
  • Fresh paint or re-paint
  • The total carpet area
  • No of doors and windows along with their height and width 
Step 2: Click on next.  Step 3: Select the brand you are looking for.   Step 4: You will have an estimated cost for your paint project within no time. 
Primers and Putty - a similarity between the two is that both of them are prior to painting and are used to support the paint on the wall surface - apart from them, the two do not have anything in common.  Primer is a base coat that becomes the foundation for an impeccable paint job. It is applied prior to painting to give the paint a good adhesion. Priming makes your job easier for years to come, primarily because it aids the paints to stick to the wall for a longer duration without getting chipped off. There are three types of Primers in the market today including interior, exterior, and metal primers. The exterior primer is applied to a cement-based surface to give your exterior paint internal protection from extreme weather changes and acidic rain. The interior primer is applied on pop or wall putty to safeguard the internal wall paint from chipping off sooner. Last but not least, the metal primer is applied on metal surfaces to give the paint better adhesion.  When we talk about Putty, we generally are talking about the evenness of the wall surface. Putty basically evens the uneven surface before applying primer and paints. Wall Putty is of 2 types Cement-based Putty and Acrylic-based Putty. Cement Based Putty comes in a powder form and has to be mixed with water before use. Cement Putty is suitable for interior and exterior use.  Acrylic Putty comes in a ready-to-use form and is suitable for interiors only. 
In case you weren’t able to collect your delivery on time due to personal reasons, we will re-attempt t deliver your order the next day. However, if you do not receive a call or message regarding the same, please email us at deepesh.nair@paintkart.com with your order id along with the problem you are facing and will resolve it. We will reattempt the delivery as early as possible. You can also call us at +919022573668 our customer care executive will help you with the same and we will try to resolve your problem within 24 hours of the call.
All paints are made up of resins, additives, solvents, and pigments. The component that ensures the paints stay wet is Solvent which evaporates with time. The left components are resins, additives, and pigments. The pigment is responsible for giving colour to the paint, additives offer properties like waterproofing mildew resistance and resins bind the paint to the surface. These are the basic attributes of exterior paint that you need to consider before purchasing. Apart from them, the major difference between exterior and interior paints is  - the exterior paints are exposed to extreme weather change, moisture, dirt, and pollution for which the paint is resistant to chipping, peeling and fading with time. Hence, the resins used in the manufacturing of exterior paints have to be stronger  In the case of interior paints, moisture and temperature change are not an issue to worry about, therefore, the resins used in interior paints have to be rigid, leading to easy scuffing and smearing. Also, it may be noted that most interior paints contain low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC ). This makes them more environmentally- friendly as they conform to Green norms. 
To select wall paint online for your home renovation project, you need to consider a few important points including:-
  1. Finish What type of paint product are you looking for and for which area or room. For example, are you looking for paints for the living room, bathrooms, kitchen, or exterior? Each area requires a different type of paint product. Most people choose between - Gloss, semigloss, or Matte finish
Gloss and semigloss paints are perfect for the living room, bedroom, and dining area, while matte is perfect for kitchen and exterior walls. Hence, you have to divide the area and then choose the type of finish you are looking for. 
  1. Area of Application → Exterior and interior paints differ. Exterior paints can bear exposure to extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, high temperatures, heat, and strong winds. Whereas, interior paints are water-based that are easy to clean, and are suitable to be applied on surfaces with zero exposure to weathering agents.
  2. The surface of Application The paint quality also depends on the surface you are going to apply it on. The surfaces generally we consider prior to purchasing the paint products are - Pop, cement, and metal. You have to search for the paints accordingly as their attributes as mentioned above differ for different surfaces. 
  3. Budget → It is important to consider your budget before deciding the product you are looking for. Depending on your current budget, you can look for either economical paints or premium paints. All the brands on the PaintKart online store have the selection option for the same. 
  4. Dirt Resistant  → Dirt-resistant paints are the ones that do not allow dirt or dust to select down on the surface. Most people go for glossy finish paint as it does not have open pores, unlike the matte-finished paints that allow the dust to settle down in the pores. Other common dirt-resistant paints preferred for home painting are acrylic paints that don’t allow the dirt to settle down on the surface. Also please remember that these types of paints are cleanable, hence, dirt and dust cannot settle down on the surface for long, if you are cleaning the walls regularly. 
  5. Stain Resistant → Stain-resistant wall paints help to keep the walls clean and stain-proof for a long time. They can be cleaned with water, cloth, and wipes easily. Plastic and acrylic paints are perfect for such use. 

How do I locate the best paint dealer to purchase from on Paintkart?

On PaintKart, when you choose a product for your home painting project, it gives you an option to choose your convenient paint dealer. One thing is that you might have dealt with the dealer before and that is why you want to select a particular dealer. However, most of the time people aren’t aware of how to choose a paint dealer for a convenient and comfortable delivery.  There are four points to consider for choosing the right dealer for your paint shopping. 
  1. Availability of the brand & stock When selecting your paint dealer online, please remember to see that they have the brands that you are looking for like Dulux, Nerolac or perhaps, Asian Paints. Moreover, they should have the stock available for the paint you have selected. 
  2. Distance from your location → The distance from your location should not be far away, otherwise, there is a possibility that your delivery might get delayed for obvious reasons. 
  3. Competitive price → The dealer that you choose have lower prices as compared to others dealers, or perhaps he is ready to give you a discount on the paints of your choice. 
Rating → It is important to choose a dealer with a higher rating and good comments to know whether the dealer is providing timely delivery with no issues on the paint box or its quality.
PaintKart is an online paint store that ensures you get a variety of paint types to choose from. Brands like Asian paints, Berger paints, Nerolac and many more are listed on the online store for easy comparison of quality, quantity, and price.  PaintKart online store makes it simpler for buyers to browse through approximately 800 shades from different shade cards of each brand. Buyers do not need to explore different websites and actual shade cards to choose the right colour. PaintKart gives you all the options in one place. In addition, while selecting the paint for your home renovation, the paint calculator ensures you have the correct quantity of paint so that nothing goes to waste. If you buy paint online through PaintKart you have hundreds of paint products to compare and judge from, no need to visit an actual paint shop. The online paint store makes it simpler for you to browse, explore, search, select and calculate, all at the same time on the same website. 
If you weren’t able to take your delivery due to whatever reason, we will re-attempt the delivery the next day or so as per your convenience. 
In case you aren’t able to track your order from the website, you can always mail us at deepesh.nair@paintkart.com your order id and details for further information, or call us at +919022573668 to track your order.