7 Tips To Deal With Common Paint Problems In Mumbai Climate

7 Tips To Deal With Common Paint Problems In Mumbai Climate

7 Tips To Deal With Common Paint Problems In Mumbai Climate

7 Tips To Deal With Common Paint Problems In Mumbai Climate

How To Protect Your Home Paints From Mumbai’s Climate 

Mumbai’s climate has been messing up life in the city for many years. People prefer staying in the warmth of the house during monsoon and the breeze of air conditioners during summers. However, it is important to save your homes from the common paint problems to continue this conditioning. And we are here with 7 Tips To Deal With Common Paint Problems In Mumbai Climate.

Mumbai’s climate has been affecting both interior and exterior paints of the houses. If you check online, many paint stores are bringing upgrades to the properties of the paints according to the changes in the surroundings. For example, Asian Paints online services introduced various patterns of texture paints

The reason behind this is that they not only offer an amazing look to your walls but also keep the moisture from spoiling the wall paint. How?

No paint is waterproof. The texture coating prevents moisture from penetrating the paint and helps to prevent the growth of mould and mildew. Also, it offers more durability to your walls.

There are more such ways to protect your home paints from Mumbai’s heavy rainfall, extreme heat and dust and air pollution.

Heavy Rainfall

The rainy season brings a lot of freshness and a lot of trouble. There are various problems like leakages, cracks, damp walls, growth of mould and mildew, and hence the unpleasant odour. Here is some prep work for people living in the heavy rainfall region to get your place ready to face the nightmare named monsoon. 

Check the roof and walls.

The roof faces the troublesome rainfall first. If you have noticed, the roofs are often a little slanted. The reason behind these slanted roofs is to let the rainwater flow off quickly. Also, waterproofing is important for the roof to avoid the interior leakages through the ceilings causing paint damage.  

You must check the roofs, ceilings and walls for possible dampness. The Smartcare Damp proof by the online Asian Paints can be a wise choice to damp proof the walls and get monsoon ready.

Check the doors, windows and open spaces.

Due to the heavy winds during the rainfall, water can enter your place from all the doors and windows gaps and the open spaces like balconies. Repair all the gaps with the white cement or the wall putty and waterproof the exterior of your house, especially the open spaces. You can also install temporary or permanent shades for the external spaces.

Extreme Heat

The summer heat often causes the chipping of the wall paint as it takes out all the oil. If you check for online home paints, you’ll get various paints designed with special properties to repel the damage due to extreme heat. Along with that, here are some tips to make your home summer-ready. 

Choose the paint that reflects the sunlight.

The interiors are often painted in whites. The reason behind that is to reflect the sunlight. This makes the place appear larger. Also, the external paint shades are to be chosen accordingly, so that they will reflect the sunlight and keep the interior cool. 

Keep the roof cool.

Again,  the temperature of the roof will affect the atmosphere in the house. Keeping the roof cool can be done in the following ways. 

  • Add temporary or a permanent shade.
  • Paint your terrace white.
  • Heat resistant flooring is also a popular choice.
  • Set and decorate the terrace garden. 

As for Mumbai, many people do not necessarily have a terrace. Painting your ceilings with ceiling white by the Asian Paints online services is a wise choice.

Apply the UV films to the glass windows. 

Although you use exquisite interior paints and exterior texture paints, the solar UV rays are still capable of causing small wear and tear. Applying the UV films on your glass windows won’t just protect your interior paint but will filter the sunlight before entering your house and hence will keep your place cool.

Dust and Air pollution in India

Mumbai is among the highest polluted cities. The effect of air pollution on the building and the wall paint includes losses of mass, changes in porosity, discolouration and embrittlement. The effect is visible in the form of black patches. 

Also, the contaminants in the settled dust particles cause the loss of sheen and fade the colour. But there are efficient ways if you check online, to prevent these damages to your home paints.  

Add some greenery to your exterior walls. 

The above-mentioned point of setting the terrace garden is trending with the addition of the vertical gardens. Plants are the best coolants.  Also, they eliminate the chances of the possible damage due to air pollution. And hence, the vertical gardens on the exterior wall not just repel the summer heat and air pollution but compliments the wall paint and end up awarding an adorning look to your house. 

Use specific exterior paints. 

Many online paint stores offer exterior paints. The choice is made easy when it comes to the properties. Here, you must choose the exterior paint that had used the dirt-guard technology during its formation. Such paints stop the dust particles from penetrating into the exterior paint. The settled dust is then washed away during the rains keeping your exterior paint safe.

Here at Paintkart, we have been providing both interior and exterior paints along with all the other types of paints. We are your one-stop online paint store with 100% authentic products by certified paint dealers at the best prices and express delivery to your doorstep. 

We hope you’ve found these 7 Tips To Deal With Common Paint Problems In Mumbai Climate helpful to prepare your home for each season. We’ll be guiding you according to the requirements of your place considering the climate and other factors too. Feel free to reach us with your paint requirements.

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