Paint Calculator - Calculate How Much Paint You’ll Need

Paint Calculator – Calculate How Much Paint You’ll Need

Online Paint Calculator India - Paintkart

Paint Calculator – Calculate How Much Paint You’ll Need

Required planning for painting your home is as tedious as the actual painting hassles. Among all the decisions, the quantity of required paint is one decision that often ends in misjudgement. You either end up ordering less or way more than the required quantity. The shortage of paint demands you to run to the paint stores near you. The excessive amount of paints leaves you no choice but to store them as there is no option for proper disposal. Either way, it’s a loss of money and effort. The online paint calculator can help you get away from this.

A paint cost calculator is a tool that gives you a quick estimate of the required amount of paint and the total cost. There are several important factors to consider and facts to keep in mind before calculating the total cost of required paint. Let’s take a brief look at those. 

  • A regular door accounts for roughly 20 square feet
  • A standard window accounts for roughly 15 square feet.
  • A gallon of paint will cover 400 square feet.
  • Keep in mind that dry walls generally require more paint as they absorb paint. Therefore, buy an add-on to what the paint calculator shows you if you have dry walls at your place.
  • Consider the difference between the required paint for the first coat and the second one. Check the product details to understand its coat-wise coverage. 
  • In addition to it, please purchase extra litres considering the long-run touch-up requirements.
  • Every paint brand that you simply choose offers a certain amount of paint in a very package. Hence, while calculating the full litres of paint required on a paint quantity calculator, do make a degree to go looking at the quantity of paint a brand is offering.
  • If you’re going to buy a dark shade for your walls, you may require a tinted primer moreover.

Paintkart’s Paint Calculator India

Here at Paintkart, we offer the most efficient paint quantity calculator for you to get the perfect quantity of paints required. How does it work?

The online paint calculator by Paintkart divides the calculation into 3 easy steps – Surface Dimension, Product Selection and the Estimated Final Result. Let’s understand these steps in detail to use Paintkart’s Paint Calculator India to land the appropriate estimate. 

Step 1 – Surface Dimension

You first have to measure the surface that is to be painted. You then have to insert the dimensions as the total carpeted area, the number of doors and windows to be excluded with their dimensions to be added separately. 

Step 2 – Product Selection

The next you have to do is select the paint product i.e the type, the brand and the shades of paint that you want to buy to paint the given surface dimensions.  The paint cost calculator will then accumulate the costs to proceed to the next and final step in the procedure.

Step 3 – Final Estimated Result

With one click after filling in all the required information, you’ll get the final estimated result from the online paint calculator within no time. 

Still not sure of your calculations? Want to edit them? Yes, you can. You can edit and repeat the process as many times as you want. Read further to get your calculations right.

How to calculate the total carpeted surface?


Start with the walls. The area of the wall in square feet is calculated by multiplying the height by the width of the walls. Calculate the paint required for each wall separately to avoid confusion about paint types and shades. 

Doors and Windows

Next, you have to take the dimensions of the doors and windows that are to be excluded from the area of the wall to get the exact area to be painted. However, you don’t need to subtract it manually as the paint quantity calculator by Paintkart is designed with such keen automated features. Just measure the dimensions of the doors and windows just the way you measured the walls and insert those in the first surface dimension’s page in the online paint calculator. 


A good rule-of-thumb for calculating the quantity of ceiling paint required is the footprint area of your space and an additional 40% of the calculated quantity for the regular walls. This additional paint allows for the extras such as the ceiling line, POP and other extensions, etc. However, Paintkart’s Paint Calculator India provides a separate option for the calculations regarding ceiling paint. 

Paintkart’s online paint calculator India brings you a keen paint cost calculator which ensures that you won’t miss out on any minor details while calculating the quantity of paint required for your house or other spaces. Although it gives you a nearly accurate required paint quantity, it is always suggested to purchase a litre on top of it to avoid the shortage and for the long-run touch-up requirements. 

Try this tool and get away from the huge hassles in the Paintwork planning. 

Happy Painting!

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