5 Things to Consider Before Planning to Paint your Abode

5 Things to Consider Before Planning to Paint your Abode

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5 Things to Consider Before Planning to Paint your Abode

I am assuming you are here because you are planning to re-do your home or you are designing a new house. Well, more than painting a home, planning to paint a home is a daunting task. There are a lot of questions in one’s mind like how to choose labour for the work? Should I do it myself? How much budget will I need? How much paint is required? Will it be completed within the estimated timeframe?

These queries are general. Most people looking to renovate their house have these questions in mind. I am here to point out a few important things that should be considered before you plan your home renovation and painting. These points will answer all your questions and help you sit back and relax while your home sweet home gets a new look. 

Points to Consider Online paint Store

  • Hire Professionals or Do-it-yourself

When planning to paint your home you will have to decide whether you want to hire professional painters for the job or do it yourself. Well, in either case, you need to keep in mind three things:-

  1. If you have that kind of time to invest in painting your home.
  2. If you are in the state of mind to spend days painting your house.
  3. If you are ready to take on such a huge painting project. 

While taking a decision so crucial, please think about and analyse your current state of mind and circumstances. It is a humungous responsibility to take on oneself. With professionals painting your home, you can sit back and focus on your work. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with you putting your hands into that paintbox. 

Moreover, the interior is still understandable, the exterior painting becomes all the harder with the risk involved. Hence, I would always suggest you hire professionals for painting your home and finish the work within the estimated timeframe. 

  • Paint Purchasing Guide

You can either leave the decision of buying paints to the professional company you hire for the job, or you can personally decide which paints will be the best for your home painting. 

Cheap, inexpensive paints might lure you, as the cost is a huge part of the planning to paint the homes. But the cheap paints aren’t going to be as durable and sustainable as branded paints. Hence, please keep in mind that they are a one-time investment for your home renovation. If you want to purchase inexpensive paints, you can go for Asian paints online shopping or Berger paints online store. They are cost-friendly and durable as well as can sustain their finish and shine for years to come. 

Apart from cost-friendly paints, two things one should keep in mind before purchasing paints are whether the paints are oil-based or Latex. 

  • Oil-based Paints

Oil-based paints are ideal for the interior and places where you want a great finish and lusture. Since they have a stronger odour, are environmental-friendly and dry gradually, it is perfect for your rooms. They maintain the health of your walls and keep the shine intact for years to come by. 

  • Latex Paints

Latex paints are water-based paints that dry faster, does not have a strong odour, and are perfect for the exterior. It absorbs water and is environmental-friendly. You can also apply latex paints in places like the laundry room, balcony, and bathrooms. 

Latex paints are quite cost-friendly but I will recommend the paints for the interiors as they aren’t durable enough to keep your walls safe from water, leakage and general wear and tear. Most of the Asian paint dealers in Mumbai can give you a better idea of which type of paint will be perfect for the interior and exterior. However, you can always visit the paint stores or online paint shops for the same. 

  • Paint Composition and Quality 

Paint generally consist of resins, the carrier, and pigments, out of which, white pigment or white pigment or Titanium dioxide is essential. To talk about other components, resins enacts as an adhesive for the paints to stick to the wall surface and the carrier is a type of evaporative mixture that ensures a thin mixture for easy and smooth application of paint on the surface. In addition, paints also contain a small amount of clay and other solvents for shine, luster, gloss, easy drying etc. 

The amount and number of ingredients included in the paint determine its price and performance. The brands that include Titanium Dioxide and mineral spirits in the paint have higher prices as these ingredients themselves are quite expensive. Hence, when you are buying paint for your home, the price really matters. The cost can be reduced but at the cost of its quality and long-term performance. 

  • Paint Gloss and Lustre

Some paint companies add more resins and less pigment to their mixture and vis-a-vis. Well, let me tell you the difference between the two mixtures. Wall paint with more resins and less pigment are glossier and more durable in nature. 

The formula of more resins and fewer pigments in a paint mixture is called Enamel, as well all call it. It stands for hard coating, extra smoothness, and durability. So the glossier the finish, the more durable and costly the paints tend to be. If I talk about flat paints, it’s perfect for hiding surface irregularities and imperfections. They are equally durable and costly when it comes to comparing them to paint mixtures of different brands. 

  • Estimate Your Paint Requirement Paint Estimation

Two things that tell you your estimated paint requirement while you are planning to paint your places— The spread rate of the paint mixture and the square footage of the area. A gallon of paints covers 400sq ft, a piece of information that is very well available on the paintbox. 

To calculate the total square footage, 

  • Multiply the height and width of the walls. Add them together. 
  • Calculate the total area of the surface that’s not to be painted like windows, doors, fireplace, etc.
  • Do the same as mentioned in the first point.
  • Next, subtract the total number from the first number. 

Now to know how much paint is required, divide the final square footage by the spread rate of the paint. This will tell you the exact amount of paint boxes you will require for your painting project. You can always use our paint calculator to estimate the total value for a particular type of paint and brand. So, for example, if you are planning to make Asian paints online purchase. And you know which paint type you want to go for; you need to enter the total square foot and the paint name. And you will get an exact estimated budget for your painting project. 

To wrap it up, these are the few points that you ought to keep in mind while planning to paint your homes before hiring professionals. They are essential things to remember as buying paints is a long-term investment for your home. I hope this article was of help to you! 

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