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Variants Of The Shade Card

Variants Of The Shade Card

Variants Of The Shade Card

Painting is the best way to renovate your places. The luxurious classics or the pleasing pastels, the paint shades play a pivotal role in changing or creating the vibe in the room. Hence, it is essential to be well aware of the effect the paint shade will create. The “shade card” serves this purpose of providing the experience the paint shade will create with a variety of combinations.

A shade card is also known as a colour palette, colour catalogue, paint catalogue, etc. It is a book with thousands of wall paint colour shades for you to choose the best suitable shades for your abodes. Various brands have also introduced certain variants of these shade cards through brochures. The motive is to suggest some of the best combinations of beautiful home decor designs. These combinations are to create a specific vibe in the places. We are going to get introduced to all these variants by the variety of brands in India. Let’s get started.

Asian Paints Shade Card

Asian Paints is the oldest, most popular and trustworthy brand in the country right now. It is a worldwide paint manufacturer based in Mumbai, India. Asian Paints Shade Card has more than 2200 shades. It is the only brand that has introduced a variety of shade cards with each edition. Let’s take a brief look at all of these variants.

Asian Paints Royale Shade Card

This Asian Paints Shade card has all the popular shades from the Royale series viz. Sugared Nut, Cream Pie, Purple Dia, Valley Flower, Blue Night, Dreamy Night, Morning Glory, Baked Biscuit, Basra Pearl N, Valet Flower, Hazel Nut, Swiss Coffee, Mustard, Sun Rise, Solemn Yellow, Canyon Sun, Spring Surprise, Coral Radiance, etc.

Asian Paints Royale Book of Colours

This is a book of inspiration to help you decorate home interiors with about 2200+ contemporary, classic modern and experimenter hues in the Royale edition of the Asian Paints.

Asian Paints Apcolite Shade Card

Apcolite is an Enamel paint series by Asian Paints. Some of the famous shades in Apcolite are Rosy Coral, Baby Blush, Sunny Sands, Lemon Spring, Ivy League, Air Breeze, Zinnia Bloom, etc. The Asian Paints Apcolite Shade Card also suggests the right base preparation, coats, dilution, drying time and best painting tools to be used to get optimum results from the product.

Asian Paints Tractor Shade Card

The Tractor series from Asian Paints is the budget-friendly one among all other paint series by Asian Paints. The Asian Paints Tractor Shade card will give you a variety of shades from this series like Soft Breeze, Essence, Pink Mist, Day Lily, Winged Angel, Zen, etc.

Asian Paints Ace Shade Card

The Ace series of Asian Paints gave various exterior products viz. Ace Advanced, Sparc Colours, Shyne, Sparc, etc. All of them are available in various shades given in Asian Paints Ace Shade Card. The popular shades in the Ace products are Glacier Ridge, Grey Tint, etc.

Asian Paints Ultima Shade Card

The Ultima series by Asian Paints introduced products to prevent environmental damage to the external walls of your homes. Asian Paints Ultima Shade Card has its own set of dedicated shades such as Pure Ivory, Morning Gloss, Yellow Scoop, etc.

Asian Paints Apex Shade Card

Asian Paints Apex Shade Card has given the hues of renowned exterior paints. The popular shades from this series are Tree Bark, Morning Gloss, Cairo Bazaar, Balsam Brown, Yellow Scoop, etc.

Asian Paints Colour Cosmos

Colour Cosmos is one of the variants of the Asian Paints Shade Cards available in a fan-deck format. It gives a vast variety of colour combinations authored by Indian and International colour experts showcasing incredible India.

Dulux Shade Card

Dulux is one of the significant players in the Indian paint industry with its 100 years of presence in India. Dulux or AkzoNobel India manufactures and markets architectural paints both interior, exterior and wood and metal care. 

Colour Magazine

Dulux introduces their colour magazine every year to give amazing home decor designs through vivacious colour combinations. This Colour Magazine is one of the variants of Dulux Shade Cards.

Colour Charts

Dulux Paints Colour Charts gives a variety of the shades that could be bought as they are and the shades that are required to be mixed at the store. 

Dulux Shade Cards are full of colours to fall for including Leaf Green, Sea Green, Spring Green, Pine Frost, True Jade, Apricot White, Honey Milk, Peach Melba, Satin White, Pearl, Sunshine, Stunning Gold, Green Pepper, Daisy Chain, Ash White, Sugar Cane, etc. 

Nerolac Shade Card

Kansai Nerolac is the second largest architectural paint company in India after Asian Paints. Apart from Shah Rukh Khan representing the brand, the Nerolac Shade Cards have some amazing colour shades and well-knitted variants. Let’s take a look.

Nerolac Colour Palette

Nerolac’s Colour Palette asks the buyers to mix and match until they find the best suitable colours for their houses and are under their budget while they buy paints online.  

Nerolac Colour Catalogue

Colour Catalogue is a Nerolac Shade Card that has over 1,500 shades of colours to choose from. They claim to offer perfect colour for every occasion in every space and for every mood, whichever project it may be.

The famous colours from the Nerolac shade card are Green Belief, Simply Irresistible, Hidden Memories, Arctic Ice, Foggy Night, Blue Wash, Aqua Foam, Japanese Tea, Peach Sent, Bridal Party, Mandarin, Adventure, Kokum Red, Crisp, Cane Sugar, Strange Maroon, etc.

Berger Shade Card

Berger Paints is one of the fastest growing paint companies, quarter on quarter, for the past few years in the country. They are driving towards becoming the most admired Indian Paint company with globally recognised competencies. They provide dozens of colour options and the Berger shade card variants help you pick a hue seamlessly. The variants of the Berger shade card are as follows.

  • Berger BJN Spectra
  • Berger Exterior Collection
  • Berger Interior Collection
  • Berger Silk Glamour
  • Berger Tile Protektor
  • Berger WeatherCoat Long Life

The Berger shade card has amazing paint colour shades like Terrain, Loft, Paperback, Shrine, Castle Turret, Evening Stone, Rock formation, Pale Sand, Galloway, New Pine, Hint of Winter, Coconut Dream, Farm Butter, etc.

You’ll find all these shade cards in the shade card section on our website. And of course, all the colour shades from those shade cards are available at your online paint store – Paintkart! We are here to bring ease into your paint shopping. Don’t hesitate to call for our support.

Happy Painting!

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