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How would the world be without online paint stores?

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How would the world be without online paint stores?

Whenever I have to purchase something. I first compare the prices online. In this digital world, everything needs to be present on the internet, or I think it will become extremely difficult for me to purchase stuff. What’s your take on it?

Since everything is online, why should paint shops be offline only!

Imagine, you bought a house recently and want all the best deals available for your home renovation. One thing that is extremely important for the home renovation is paints and they are unfortunately not available for online shopping. How will it feel? What will be your next step?

Visit the offline paints stores and compare the prices by visiting all the stores physically. Back-breaking right?!

Online paint shops are the easiest way to compare, buy, and study paints without visiting stores physically. The world without online paint stores will be so difficult for homeowners. Let’s see why.

A World Without Online wall Paint Store 

Online paint stores have their benefits, however, if we were to live in a world without them, how would it have been. Let’s see.

1.No Online Shade Cards Available

During the Pandemic, most people who wanted to renovate their homes compared shade cards of different brands online. Imagine if there was no option of online shade cards what would have happened. Frightening, right?

The shade card format is made simple to read online, otherwise, they are extremely difficult to decipher. You need a salesperson to make you understand the colour combination and how they can fit together on your living room walls. If there were no shade cards online, you wouldn’t be able to check different paint products pertaining to the shades you choose.

Were you able to connect to what I just said?

2. No Paint Calculator Available Online

Most of the time when we purchase paint from an offline paint shop, we end up buying extra paint quantity, which is kept in our store for weeks. The salesperson never tells you the exact amount of quantity that is required for your home renovation. You inevitably buy extra.

Online paint shop gives you an option to mention the measurement of the rooms along with windows and doors, according to which, the online paint calculator tells you the exact quantity to purchase. In addition, it also confirms the product you are looking for and considering its thickness and number of coat requirements, it tells you the exact quantity to purchase.

Do you think an offline paint shop salesperson will ever give you an extract quantity amount?

3. Unable to Compare Brands Online

Most of the time offline paint shops do not have the brand you are looking for, due to which you mostly end up buying an alternative.

Now since there is a salesman, we depend on him/her to introduce us to the brand and its products. \We never study their attributes by ourselves.

When you are on online paint stores, you end up researching, reading and understanding the difference between the brands and their product quality. It is obvious that if online paint stores weren’t there we would have stayed oblivious to the true attributes of the products.

Do you agree with me?

4. No Online Research of Paint Accessories and Tools

There were times when we used to call professionals at home to paint. We never focused on the tools they used or the accessories they got for texture painting. An offline paint shop was never a place to discuss the tools and accessories, and honestly, no one cared enough.

Now that we all are home and independent enough to understand the difference between the textures, painting techniques, we want to read more, comprehend, and choose the better option. Online paint stores publish blogs every week or so on their website. These blogs talk about the painting techniques and new trends coming in based on which we make choices. 

Have you done this before? If not, then do it and you will see the difference in your choices. 

5. No Online Dealer Options

When you visit an offline paint shop, you visit three of four of them and decide to go with one of them. Tired and exhausted you never visit the fifth shop in the row. Therefore, you never know which dealer is selling the paints at what prices. 

Online paint stores today share the dealer details online. You can see their rating and services, compare the prices they are selling at and what are the delivery charges they are asking for. This information gives you another level of transparency that was never available with offline paint stores. 

 Offline paint stores were a great option in the times when our parents used to shop, but being in the 21st century and the digital world reaching its peak, online paint stores make sense. Moreover, most of us are working professionals, therefore, visiting stores physically is impossible on a weekday. Hence, online paint shopping offers us good exposure. 

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