Common Causes Of Paint Failure And Their Resolve

Common Causes Of Paint Failure And Their Resolve

Common Causes Of Paint Failure And their resolve

Common Causes Of Paint Failure And Their Resolve

One of the problems every painter regularly experiences is paint breakdown. Regardless of how expertly you apply it. The paint on the wall starts to peel off after a while. It becomes problematic when it is released so quickly. As a result of temperature fluctuations, the paint may shrink, and paint film may move across a surface. Paint durability depends on a lot of factors apart from how you applied it. 

Refer to the blog to understand the common causes of paint failure and solutions to solve them. 

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Here are common causes the paint failure 

  • Poor Surface Preparation 

The surface affects the paint’s durability. Similar to how you would prepare a surface to apply paint to. The surface must be tidy and free of dirt and oil. A dirty or insufficient surface prevents the paint from adhering to the wall properly.

When repainting, you simply need to remove the loose flaking paint; you don’t need to wipe the entire surface. Inadequate surface preparation can have many causes, one of which is cracking in the paint coating.

  • Moisture 

Since there are fewer channels or avenues for water introduced during construction operations to exit, paint on walls is more susceptible to failure or peeling. The moisture in mortar is not completely consumed by hydration or evaporated during the construction of masonry walls or even cement plastering. This moisture will try to get out. This explains why moisture accelerates the separation of the paint layer or paint film from the surface.

  • Formation of alkali on wall 

In this case, the clay damages the wall by attacking the paint incorporation. It acts as a pollutant and contaminates the paint as a result. Apply an alkali-resisting primer made of solvents before painting the color to ensure that the paint’s color will last for a long time.

  • Flaking problem 

Lack of paint elasticity and adherence leads to flaking and chalking. which depicts it as loose powder. This can be remedied by removing the loose paint using a wire brush or paint scrubber. However, this scouring leaves certain nicks and holes that can be repaired by putting amalgam in them with a putty knife.

This occurs either when the paint reaches the end of its useful life or as a result of incorrect paint application and the use of inferior paint, or the use of multiple paints.

  • Paint application

Paint application is another factor that will result in paint failure. It’s better to apply paint with a brush or roller. If a suitable brush or roller will not use it will result in paint failure. 

The two defects listed below are caused by improper paint application.

  1. Crawling: When a fresh coat of paint is placed over an older layer that is still wet, the paint fails. Therefore, always wait for the paint film to dry before adding a second coat.
  1. Wrinkling: Wrinkling happens when the paint’s lower layer fails to dry because the upper film is thicker and shrinks as a result of drying over time.

  • Efflorescence 

It is nothing but the migration of salt to the porous surface material, where salt forms a coating.  One of the reasons for Efflorescence is the presence of water or moisture in the building material resulting in the release of water due to capillary action. 

By correcting the source or sealing it, eliminate any extra water to prevent efflorescence.

With the paint scrubber or wire brush, remove any efflorescence and other loose particles from the surface, then rinse it.

  • Paint Cracking 

The use of inferior paints will typically result in this paint failure, and as a result, the paints will eventually lose their flexibility and shine. This issue mainly occurs during the warmer months since the sun’s intense heat causes the walls to dry out quickly and cause the cheap paint to begin to fracture. The only way to avoid this paint failure is to use high-quality paints.

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