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How to use Asian Paints Colour Cosmos to select the correct shade?

Asian Paints Colour Cosmos

How to use Asian Paints Colour Cosmos to select the correct shade?

Interior paint colours can work as a therapy for their deep effect on the mental health of the life living within. Hence choosing the most perfect shades becomes a pivotal task. But here, we are going to see how the Asian Paints Colour Cosmos will make it easy for you. 

To start with the introduction, Asian Paints Colour Cosmos is an all-new unique fan deck with over 2200 colour combinations authored by Indian and International colour experts showcasing incredible India. It has a wide array of colours to choose from for your home transformation like never before and hence works as home interiors colour guide and avails the right colour for your homes at your fingertips.

You’ll be able to choose the best suitable shade and if it’s rare and unavailable in the market, the option of Asian Paints buy online to make each and every shade available even eliminates the tedious process of paint shopping. 

Understanding the effect of each colour available in asian paints colour cosmos

You don’t have to learn the complete colour theory to choose the best suitable colour scheme for your home from the Asian Paints fan deck. However, understanding what each colour expresses, it’ll help you in adding personality to the walls according to the space. Let’s get started. 


Red is typically associated with power, passion, optimism, adventure, or energy, and can help encourage action on your site. However, the overdoing of the red can attract negativity and hence it is to be balanced with milder or neutral tones. 


Orange can be a good choice for living and dining areas as it is a social colour full of joy and enthusiasm, making it a good choice for positive messaging. It also emits reassurance and warmth.


Yellow is the happiest of all the colours. It easily seeks attention and emits energy and intellect. The shades of Yellow are best suitable for the kitchen and bathrooms but not the living area or bedrooms as its overuse is weary. 


The colour of nature is often connected to growth or ambition. It is the calmest colour and is best suitable for the bedroom. The Asian Paints Shade Card has various hues of Green to choose from according to the size of your room. Though the excessive calmness due to overdoing might get converted into a lethargic atmosphere in the space. 


The colour of space, and sea offer tranquillity and confidence, depending on the shade. The mild shades provide serenity, and the stronger and darker colours are more confident and offer a protected environment. Blue is preferable for the office spaces as well as the bedrooms. 


Purple is a lush colour that offers luxury or creativity, especially when used deliberately and sparingly on the walls. The calmer shades of purple can create the most spiritual atmosphere best suitable for the prayer rooms and the meditation rooms. The Asian Paints buy online gives an option of Lilac Linen – N COLOUR CODE: K285 from Asian Paints Colour Cosmos which is one of the spiritual shades.  

Colour Shades According To The Part Of The House

Contemporary Bedroom

Asian Paints Colour Cosmos has soothing yet optimistic hues that’ll suit the best bedrooms. Following popular shades from the Asian Paints fan deck, are a must-try for your bedrooms to comfort you.

  • 9240 Mild Sea
  • 7444 Sail Boat
  • 7854 Sea Kelp
  • 7865 Wild Yellow
  • 8000 Perfect Peach
  • 8267 Sensibility
  • 0161 Peacock Blue-N
  • 9337 Mint Ice
  • 8754 Desert Dune
  • 9559 Lost Lilac
  • 8130 Rose Rhapsody
  • 9120 Pink Reserve

Joyful Living and Dining Area

The happiest colours are to be used in the living and dining areas to create enthusiasm and warmth. Some of the favourite shades for the living area in 2022 are – 

  • 8754 Desert Dune 
  • 8645 Rich Chocolate 
  • 8528 Bush Land 
  • 0254 Autumn Gold 
  • 7202 Purple Pride 
  • 9455 Grey Stone 
  • 7199 Grape 
  • 9483 Clear Sky Night 
  • 7454 Deep teal 
  • 7806 Greenery 
  • 7912 Yellow Tulip
  • 8670 Mohican Trail

Fresh and Calm Study

Asian Paints Colour Cosmos has the colours of space that’ll bring peace and a refreshing vibe to your study. Here are a few of them – 

  • 0720 Oracle
  • 7193 Princess Purple
  • 7363 High Spirits
  • 7366 Ashberry
  • 7460 Crystal River
  • 7610 Land’s End
  • 7051 Reverie
  • 7216 Edge of Dawn
  • 7342 Waikiki
  • 7582 Green Sprouts
  • 9744 Malhaar N 
  • 7585 Ivy League

Subtle Kitchen

A simple yet elegant kitchen always leaves its mark. Following subtle shades of the timeless colours in the Asian Paints fan deck, could be the best option to use in combination with your kitchens. 

  • L126 Sugared Nut
  • 684 Crusade N
  • X109 Mango Mood
  • X176 Konkan Green I
  • L135 Sahara Dream 
  • 9520 Biscuit
  • 9457 Pastel Grey 
  • 7825 Meadow Grass 
  • 7879 Natural Tinge 
  • 7718 Spinach Soul
  • 7945 Yellow Scoop
  • 7305 Corsican Sky 
  • 8566 Tree Bark
  • 7331 Light Sky

Convenient features of Asian Paints Colour Cosmos to help customers select the correct shade?

  • 3 diverse segments. –
  • Whites – It has approximately 200 elegant white tones.
  • Chromatics – It has a unique premium range of 1840 colours. 
  • Colours of India – It entails best-in-class 160 colours inspired by the vibrant culture of India
  • It ensures you are able to grab a better look into the colours with its larger swatches.
  • The colours can be found in more than 20,000 dealer outlets in India. 
  • Asian Paints colour cosmos comes with a specific ViewFinder to ensure you are able to judge the exact tonality of each colour in isolation. 

Order this Asian Paints fan deck today before opting for the option of Asian Paints buy online. Also, you can check all the shades in the Asian Paints Shade Card available here at Paintkart. Happy Painting!

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