7 Tips To Choose Perfect Colour From Online Wall Paints

7 Tips To Choose Perfect Colour From Online Wall Paints

7 Tips To Choose Perfect Colour From Online Wall Paints

7 Tips To Choose Perfect Colour From Online Wall Paints

How To Use The Asian Paints Royale Book Of Colours To Choose A Perfect Colour?

Painting your houses to make them home by adding personalities to those walls asks for a lot of decision-making before the actual painting. In that, the most important part is choosing the best suitable colours to match your homely vibe. This could be a tedious process as you’ll have to look for good paint stores. Shopping from an online wall paints store makes it easy for you.

The solution here that has recently gained popularity due to its flexibility and efficiency is the online wall paints store. Online paint stores bring all the Berger, Dulux, Nerolac, and Asian Paints colour booklets in one place. Here, we are going to see the helpful tips to use the book of colours efficiently to buy online wall paints.  

Create a suitable colour scheme

Paints add personality to the walls and the decor enhances it. However, it’s not always that you’ll be investing in interior decor every time you decide to paint your place. Hence creating a suitable colour scheme here is important. Here, the Asian Paints Royale book of colours makes it easy. 

Asian Paints Royale book of colours is a shade guide with decor and colour trends curated for the Indian home interiors with about 2200+ contemporary, classic modern and experimenter hues in the Royale edition of the Asian Paints. Asian Paints Royale Book of Colours is a book of inspiration to help you decorate a home that’s truly you.

Colours that’ll match the Vibe in the Room

Colour shades are to be chosen according to the life in the spaces i.e the shades that’ll match the vibe of the human behaviour in the room. Like,

  • For the entrance and living area, you must use happy colours. The ‘Vibrant’ and ‘Expressive’ sections of Asian Paints Royale Book of Colours will pour some suggestive accent colours or texture paint patterns to make your living areas warm, lively and joyful. 
  • The bedrooms are the personal spaces that parts you from the external hassles. Hence, it must comfort you. The ‘Soothing’ section of the Asian Paints Colour Booklet will help you choose the shades that are like a smile in the mind. 
  • The kitchen shades must complement the subtlety. Hence the ‘Simplicity’ section of the Asian Paints Royale Book of Colours has some elegant and timeless colour suggestions that’ll best suit the kitchens and even the dining area.
  • Study room must be giving a calm vibe. The ‘Peace’ section of  the Asian Paints Colour Booklet has the hues of spaces that’ll help you work from home peacefully. 

The option of online wall paints shopping has indeed availed plenty of helping sources for the perfect choice of colours. 

The ‘Finish’ that is to be created

The appearance of the wall after the painting decides the behaviour of the light in the place. Here are the 5 types of paints based on the finish they give to the wall. 

MatteEggshellSatinLow, Semi-GlossHigh-Gloss
For less-busy areas
5-10% gloss
Lower reflectivity sheen
10-25% gloss
Low durability
More durable and higher sheen than Eggshell
Perfect middle ground
Slight glow
25-35% gloss
Noticeable sheen
Highly durable
Clean off more easily
About 35-70% reflectivity
70% higher reflectivity
Easiest to clean
Most durable

Make the small places appear larger or vice versa

The paint shade behaviour with regard to the light in the room plays a pivotal role in the larger or cosier appearance of the space. The light shades reflect the colours causing the light to reflect in a way that the place appears bigger than actuality. On the other hand, the darker shades absorb the light creating intimacy in the room making them cosier. 

Playing with the Neutrals

The neutrals are the best choices to subtly add elegance while enhancing the existence of the artworks or the furnishings. However, the neutrals are often a wise choice for just ceilings if the hustle in the spaces is more. The neutrals are made with warm whites with yellow, rust, pink, or brownish undertone or cool, with green, blue, or grey undertones. Also, the use of pastels in the Neutrals adds intense energy to the spaces. 

Set up an accent wall as a focal point

As we discussed playing with the neutrals, creating an accent wall among the three neutrals is the best combination to set up a focal point of the room. The accent walls can be made using a variety of texture paint patterns like combing, brushing, canvas, criss-cross, etc. Also, the ‘Elemental’ section of the Asian Paints Royale Book of Colours has lush absorbing colours from the Royale designer’s palette that can be the best choice to create the luxurious accent walls. 

Explore the bolder options with stencils and multiple colours

As we discussed the impact of the paint shades on the life in the room, it is a must to match it to the human behaviour in the space. If drama is the whole motive of painting the place, then you must rethink the online wall paints that you’ve chosen. The use of different stencils over the plain shade in the background or as a separation format of two shades on a single wall would do. Does this sound bizarre? It’s definitely not. It is bold and offers a youthful kind of energy. 

Are you finally considering the option of online wall paint shopping? Think no further as we are here to deliver you 100% authentic products by certified paint dealers at the best prices within 24 hours. Don’t forget to take a look.

We hope the article helped you with making the choice easy. However, if you have any queries, call our 24/7 support for expert advice. 

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